16 May 2013

Heal Joints: Eliminate Arthritic Pain

We have a new product that yields dramatic results. If you are an athlete with body pain you need this now. If you are just someone that needs tissue repair - lips, wrinkles, whatever, this will help. 

Before you get any joint surgery, try this. Orthopedic surgeons are using it to avoid their own surgery. If you are looking at cosmetic surgery or using botox, this is cheaper and may provide what you need.

This is a scientifically proven breakthrough in tissue regeneration and hydration product by the largest nutracautical formulator in the U.S. that has been in business over 22 years. 

We're adding this all-natural product to our Longevity program. These are unretouched photos of the before and after effects. If you wish more information, please give Dale Fawcett a call at 360 598-6585 or email him at:  dale.fawcett@gmail.com.

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