22 October 2009

Eva Vertes on the Origins of Cancer

Teenager Eva Vertes has some of the best ideas on the future of cancer research. She observed what we knew back in the 1970's that cancer is an evolutionary phenomenon that acts to repair damaged tissue and usually does not kill the host until an age where reproduction is finished. She extends that to an analysis of why the heart and skeleton muscle doesn't get cancer and observes that microtumors are seen in skeletal muscle but the tumors cannot develop blood supplies to grow. Apparently, the amount of repair in muscle would cause everyone to get cancer all the time, so the body has had to evolve the handling of the cancer repair mechanisms to make it work properly in muscle, whereas in other parts of the body the repair mechansm goes hairwire and kills the host.

She concludes that in the future, cancer cells make be used as therapy which can repair the body if and when they can be controlled properly.

18 October 2009

Former Health Minister of Finland on Swine Flu

Apparently the Finland government has passed legislation against WHO forced vaccinations and Norway may do the same.

10 October 2009

Attorney Jim Turner discusses the problems with our health care system

American health care costs twice as much as the next most expensive health care system in the world and produces the worst healthcare outcomes of any industrialized nation.

A leading Washington lawyer discusses how the food, drug, and even education market is designed to maximize profits while producing poor outcomes (which in turn generates more profit).

06 October 2009

Electronic Medicine Workshop - Kauai 4-6 Jan 2010

Dear Friends of Dale Fawcett and Dr. Jeff Sutherland  and Health & Longevity Enthusiasts,

So many of you have requested a workshop with Jeff in the last few years that he has decided to present another one Monday, January 4th, to Wednesday, January 6th, 2010. Come join us on the lovely, tropical Hawaiian Island of Kauai.

To meet your educational needs for the latest in advanced future technology, today, Jeff will focus on his new lab, fantastic Star Trek-like equipment, and exciting new developments since you last saw him. However, we’d also like to hear from you! Send us your requests for whatever special aspects of Jeff's work you'd like to learn about.

Jeff's Private Sessions have always been a big hit. In these, you can discuss anything you wish as he'll have his entire lab set up. As Jeff’s time is limited, please indicate your interest ASAP if you wish to sign up for a private, custom-designed session.

The meeting will be held at the lovely and inexpensive Aloha Beach Resort: www.alohabeachresortkauai.com Rooms begin at $96. When you call the hotel ask for their FREE upgrade to an Ocean View room. The finest protected swimming and snorkeling area in Kauai is right in front of this hotel and all the rooms have just been redecorated. Stay a few days before or after the conference for a dream vacation on the most beautiful of the Hawaiian islands. Kauai is a lush tropical paradise with the most sandy beaches of all the islands, where many famous movies have been filmed--Jurassic Park, Raiders of the Lost Ark, South Pacific, and Blue Hawaii. To book your room now, go to www.alohabeachresortkauai.com

Come to this unique, futuristic workshop, and see for yourself why Dr. Nenah Sylver -- author of The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy, with a Holistic Health Primer (2009) -- says: “I have used Jeff Sutherland’s services for many years, sometimes for myself but mostly for my beloved dog. Jeff’s scientific knowledge and finely honed intuition helped me nurse her through cancer and Lyme-related infections, extending her life I would estimate by about six years.”

Don’t miss out on cutting-edge technology at this once-in-a-lifetime workshop in Hawaii! For more information, email Dale Fawcett at dale.fawcett@gmail.com or call 360 598-6585. If enough people are interested in this workshop, we will consider doing future workshops in our usual places, i.e. Las Vegas, Seattle, and perhaps the East Coast as well. In the meantime, plan on joining us in Hawaii and post or forward this announcement to your friends and favorite e-groups. See you soon!

Dr. Jeff Sutherland and Dale Fawcett
(360) 598-6585

04 October 2009

Swine Flu Media Distortion: Clear and Present Danger

Rarely does it become so clear that the mainstream media is distorted by corporate interests, or is it government interests? It's hard to tell the difference these days. The Health Freedom Alliance has done an excellent job of going through the Swine Flu issues systematically. If you value your health and freedom, it is important to understand these issues.

Ten Swine Flu Lies Told by MSM

msm(NaturalNews) The mainstream media is engaged in what we Americans call “bald faced lies” about swine flu. It seems to be true with this issue more than any other, and it became apparent to me recently when a colleague of mine — a nationally-syndicated newspaper columnist — told me their column on natural defenses for swine flu was rejected by newspapers all across the country. Many newspapers refused to run the column and, instead, ran an ad for “free vaccine clinics” in the same space.

The media, it seems, is so deeply in bed with the culture of vaccinations that they will do almost anything to keep the public misinformed. And that includes lying about swine flu vaccines.

There are ten key lies that continue to be told by the mainstream media (MSM) about swine flu and swine flu vaccines. Click here for details...

03 October 2009

Tribute to Dr. Hulda Clark

Hulda Clark will be remembered as one of the great pioneers in electronic medicine. Her probing of the human body with low voltage frequencies has led to findings that are incredibly valuable to many of us.

Her book, The Cure for All Cancers, was ridiculed by the medical profession when it was first published. However, she has gone on to cure more cancers than any physician I know, and I know a lot of them after being funded by the National Cancer Institute for a decade of cancer research.

There is no better testimonial than from a physician who was told to go home and die by his doctors and instead went home and cured himself with the help of Hulda. People do not have to die of cancer and should do everything in their power when threatened by imminent death to seek out alternative approaches to cancer treatment. If it does not save them, it will at least help save others.
To whom it may Concern:
My name is Scott R. Werner, M.D., I developed Invasive Malignant Melanoma in 1987 with metastasis (Stage 4). The Doctors at my hospital told me to just go home and enjoy the last part of my life and get my home in order. I wasn't ready to die, so I prayed, and the name Hulda Clark came to my mind. An Article written by Hulda was on my desk the next morning (everyone I asked didn't know where it had come from) I gave Hulda a call and she told me how to cure my Cancer. As you can see, that was 22 years ago. I became an advocate Herbalist using the parasite cleanse, Esiac Tea, Cat's Claw, getting people to eat a more wholesome diet, and have seen miracle after miracle because of my one phone call many years ago. When I read your e-mail of Hulda's passing, I couldn't hold back the tears of Gratitude for her. She will be missed!
I honor all of you in continuing Hulda's life work and mission.

Scott Werner, M.D.