11 July 2008

Salmonella Epidemic

Map from salmonellablog.com 4 Jul 2008

National Salmonella Outbreak
Posted by Salmonella Attorney 9 Jul 2008

Since April, 1017 persons infected with Salmonella Saintpaul with the same genetic fingerprint have been identified in 41 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada. These were identified because clinical laboratories in all states send Salmonella strains from ill persons to their State public health laboratory for characterization. No new states report ill persons. The number of ill persons identified in each state is as follows: Alabama (2 persons), Arkansas (14), Arizona (49), California (9), Colorado (13), Connecticut (4), Florida (2), Georgia (24), Idaho (4), Illinois (100), Indiana (14), Iowa (2), Kansas (17), Kentucky (1), Louisiana (1), Maine (1), Maryland (29), Massachusetts (25), Michigan (8), Minnesota (15), Missouri (12), New Hampshire (4), Nevada (11), New Jersey (9), New Mexico (98), New York (28), North Carolina (10), Ohio (8), Oklahoma (24), Oregon (10), Pennsylvania (11), Rhode Island (3), South Carolina (2), Tennessee (8), Texas (384), Utah (2), Virginia (29), Vermont (2), Washington (11), West Virginia (1), Wisconsin (11), and the District of Columbia (1). Four ill persons are reported from Canada; three appear to have been infected while traveling in the United States, and one illness remains under investigation.

Among the 744 persons with information available, illnesses began between April 10 and June 26, 2008, including 300 who became ill on June 1 or later. Many steps must occur between a person becoming ill and the determination that the illness was caused by the outbreak strain of Salmonella; these steps take an average of 2-3 weeks. Therefore, an illness reported today may have begun 2-3 weeks ago. Patients range in age from Patients range in age from 1 to 99 years; 49 percent are female. The rate of illness is highest among persons 20 to 29 years old; the rate of illness is lowest in children 10 to 19 years old and in persons 80 or more years old. At least 111 persons were hospitalized. One death in a man in Texas in his eighties has been associated with this outbreak. In addition, a man in his sixties who died in Texas from cancer had an infection with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Saintpaul at the time of his death; the infection may have contributed to his death...

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Image from Salmonella Blog

Analysis of high resolution photos can be used to determine frequencies. Frequency Foundation subscribers will automatically get the proper frequencies within a few days. See link on left side of page. Others may purchase them for a small fee.

This strain of Salmonella can spread throughout the body causing rashes, pimples, nausea, dizziness, backaches, leg pains, and many other symptoms. It can attack the esophagus and cause heartburn like symptoms.

08 July 2008

Pollen Alert in Boston Area

Pollen is only medium today. Yet biking hard created a significant effect. You will need this frequency to knock out the most important pollen.

label loop
dwell 15
program c
vbackfreq a 0.049787068 0 66.6
vbackfreq b 0.002478752 0 66.6
fuzz .024% 1
pause 45
goto loop

Pollens are living things that the immune system trys to eliminate. If your immune system malfunctions you get allergies which are the symptoms of your immune system misfiring. You probably have some mold, lyme organisms, or bacterial infections that are crippling your immune system. The Mayo clinic noticed about 75% of allergy victims had fungal infections in their sinuses. Frequencies provide an iron lung for your immune system in the short term and clean out your system in the longer term. Allergies symptoms will disappear in a couple of minutes. Regular use of frequencies will turn pollens into minor annoyances which are easily fixed.

My allergies were so bad in 1993 that my Harvard trained physician said he was going to have to send a nurse to my office every week to save me. That was the day I fired him. He was totally incompetent to treat my condition (and I only go to the best physicians recommended by my physician friends who are also leading physicians at the best hospitals). Who knows, maybe they have improved over the past 15 years!

Now I spend some of my research time investigating drug frequencies which can be used to remove chronic drug residues from former allergy suffers. While some of these drugs prevent allergy attacks, they also reduce optimum lung capacity because of chronic residue. Once you terminate the allergy attacks, to take performance to the next level you need to remove the drug effects.