23 December 2006

Chemtrail Frequency Update: Version 2.11

On 10 December 2006 there were numerous Chemtrails over Boston providing excellent material for research. A number of new frequencies were identified including some pathogens that are part of the Lyme complex. Bioengineering of the Lyme complex is well documented in Lab 257: The Disturbing Story of the Government's Secret Plum Island Germ Laboratory. Despite repeated government coverup of Chemtrail activity, this aerial spraying is starting to make enough people sick to make NBC news. See NBC News: Chemtrails over California.

Chemtrails contain a variety of chemical toxins and biological pathogens. A recent visit to Boca Raton, Florida, resulted in refinement of pathogen frequencies in the 70K range. The photo above shows the remains of Chemtrails after a night of thunderstorms. The thunderstorms cause a pattern similar to ones seen with ChemBusters in the area. However, ChemBusters tend to disperse the contaminants so they do not float down and expose people. In this case, pathogens where clearly deposited at ground level and the cloud formations were probably created by the thunderstorm energies.

Running in the morning, I was itching every day on exposed skin. Initially, I thought it was sweat and bug bites. However, after using frequencies to kill bugs and eliminate bug bite effects, the itchiness remained. The predominate frequencies in the sunrise photo above are the same frequencies picked up on an FSCAN analysis of my forearms and lungs after a 4 mile run (see graph below). Runners beware - Chemtrail pathogens will impair lung function and cause deterioration in your running times. You need these frequencies and there are ways to transmit them while running using an ABPA.

NASA recently reported that "contrails" were increasing global warming. However, there are ongoing proposals to spray more stuff into the atmosphere in an attempt to generate a nuclear winter effect. The latest proposal is for spraying sulfur compounds. See Denver Post article.

Chemtrail frequencies were recently updated to include ethlyene dibromide as well as aluminum, barium, and a variety of biological components. They have now been revised through further analysis of the Boston and Boca Raton exposure. To order the Frequency Research Chemtrail Frequency Sets click on the link below and you will receive by email a PDF file containing the programs and documentation for frequency generators that operate up to 20mhz and Rife devices that operate below 10,000hz.

02 December 2006

Aspartame: It's Good for Something ...

Dr. J. Mercola reports that much controversy has surrounded the issue of whether or not the artificial sweetener aspartame is safe for consumption. However, the hot debate has reached an all-time high, as a $350-million class-action lawsuit has been filed in order to prove how deadly aspartame consumption truly is to the human body.

Also included in the lawsuit is the central role played by Donald Rumsfeld, former United States Secretary of Defense, in helping to get aspartame approved through the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Plaintiffs claim that, despite objections of numerous FDA health researchers and negative studies, Rumsfeld used his political power and influence to get aspartame approved by the FDA.

However, Dr. Wright in his December 2006 newsletter
reports that small blue packets of sugar substitute with aspartame will kill carpenter ants within 24 hours.

That's because 10 percent of aspartame is methanol, which is then converted to formaldehyde, which, in turn, is converted to formic acid--the same thing that's used to strip epoxy and urethane coatings. Don't be fooled into thinking that it doesn't have the same harmful effect on your body. The other 90 percent of aspartame comes from phenylalanine and aspartic acid. These two substances are amino acides, which would initially make them seem safe. But in reality, when they're separated from the rest of the amino acids our bodies use, they become neurotoxic.

The FDA refused to approve aspartame in the 1970s because there was evidence linking it to brain tumors and death in experimental animals. They were overruled by politics. It's all about the money. See www.dorway.com.

Dr. Wright goes on to say he tried aspartame on carpenter ants in his house and it cleared them out in a few days. Jan Jenson reported on this in the Idaho Observer and noted that carpenter ants will eat aspartame dry, small black ants like it mixed with apple juice, and fire ants like it slightly dampened. She notes, as with any poison I recommend wearing gloves and washing any skin areas that come in contact with this poison, and avoid getting it in your mouth, despite anything the labeling might indicate.