27 November 2005

Food Alters Genes for Life: Frequencies could do the same

The food you eat may change your genes for life

17 November 2005
NewScientist.com news service
Alison Motluk

IT SOUNDS like science fiction: simply swallowing a pill, or eating a specific food supplement, could permanently change your behaviour for the better, or reverse diseases such as schizophrenia, Huntington's or cancer.

Yet such treatments are looking increasingly plausible. In the latest development, normal rats have been made to behave differently just by injecting them with a specific amino acid. The change to their behaviour was permanent. The amino acid altered the way the rat's genes were expressed, raising the idea that drugs or dietary supplements might permanently halt the genetic effects that predispose people to mental or physical illness.

It is not yet clear whether such interventions could work in humans. But there is good reason to believe they could, as evidence mounts that a range of simple nutrients might have such effects.

Two years ago, researchers led by Randy Jirtle of Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, showed that the activity of a mouse's genes can be influenced by food supplements eaten by its mother just prior to, or during, very early pregnancy (New Scientist, 9 August 2003, p 14). Then last year, Moshe Szyf, Michael Meaney and colleagues at McGill University in Montreal, Canada, showed that mothers could influence the way a rat's genes are expressed after it has been born. If a rat is not licked, groomed and nursed enough by its mother, chemical tags known as methyl groups are added to the DNA of a particular gene.

The affected gene codes for the glucocorticoid receptor gene, expressed in the hippocampus of the brain. The gene helps mediate the animal's response to stress, and in poorly raised rats, the methylation damped down the gene's activity. Such pups produced higher levels of stress hormones and were less confident exploring new environments. The effect lasted for life (Nature Neuroscience, vol 7, p 847).

Now the team has shown that a food supplement can have the same effect on well-reared rats at 90 days old - well into adulthood. The researchers injected L-methionine, a common amino acid and food supplement, into the brains of well-reared rats. The amino acid methylated the glucocorticoid gene, and the animals' behaviour changed. "They were almost exactly like the poorly raised group," says Szyf, who announced his findings at a small meeting on environmental epigenomics earlier this month in Durham, North Carolina.
“This opens up new ways of thinking about treating and preventing diseases caused by how our DNA is expressed”

Though the experiment impaired well-adjusted animals, the opposite should be possible, and Szyf has already shown that a chemical called TSA that is designed to strip away methyl groups can turn a badly raised rat into a more normal one.

26 November 2005

Autoschizis: Vitamins or Frequencies Can Cause Cell Death

Life Sci. 2004 Jul 9;75(8):955-67

Inhibition of the development of metastases by dietary vitamin C:K3 combination.

Taper HS, Jamison JM, Gilloteaux J, Summers JL, Calderon PB.

Unite de Pharmacocinetique, Metabolisme, Nutrition, et Toxicologie, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Avenue E. Mounier, 73, B-1200 Bruxelles, Belgium. ferdinand@pmnt.ucl.ac.be

The tumor growth-inhibiting and chemo-potentiating effects of vitamin C and K(3)combinations have been demonstrated both in vitro and in vivo. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of orally administered vitamin C and K(3) on the metastasis of mouse liver tumor (T.L.T.) cells implanted in C3H mice. Adult male C3H mice were given water containing vitamin C and K3 (15 g/0.15 g dissolved in 1000 ml) beginning 2 weeks before tumor transplantation until the end of the experiment. T.L.T. cells (106) were implanted intramuscularly in the right thigh of mice. All mice were sacrificed 42 days after tumor transplantation. Primary tumor, lungs, lymph nodes and other organs or tissues suspected of harboring metastases were macroscopically examined. Samples of primary tumors, their local lymph nodes, lungs and main organs such as liver, kidneys, spleen were taken for histological examination. Forty-two percent of control mice exhibited lung metastases and 27% possessed metastases in local lymph nodes whereas 24% of vitamin-treated mice exhibited lung metastases and 10% possessed local lymph nodes metastases. The total number of lung metastases was 19 in control group and 10 in vitamin C and K(3)-treated mice. Histopathological examination of the metastatic tumors from the vitamin-treated mice revealed the presence of many tumor cells undergoing autoschizic cell death. These results demonstrate that oral vitamin C and K(3) significantly inhibited the metastases of T.L.T. tumors in C3H mice. At least a portion of this inhibition was due to tumor cell death by autoschizis.

Autoschizis: a new word in cancer treatment
Denver Naturopathic Clinic

Subject: A combination of vitamin C and vitamin K-3 in a 100:1 ratio causes a unique form of cancer cell destruction that has been named autoschizis.

Just when I thought I could pronounce apoptosis without stumbling, there's a new word to learn in cancer treatment. The word is autoschizis. Honest.

Researchers started playing around with a combination of vitamin C and a synthetic form of Vitamin K, called K-3 or menadione in the late 1990's watching what it did to cancer cells. Cancer cells really don't like this combination. Initial reports described the resulting cell death as due to apoptosis [1] but soon it became apparent that the process of destruction was different and of course needed its own name. The word autoschizis was coined I think by a group headed by J. Gilloteaux.[2] I of course wish he had somehow incorporated his own name in naming the process. When you read the descripitons of what happens to the cancer cells, it sounds like they ran into a guillotine. In one abstract Guilloteaux describes the process of cell death:

"VitC:VitK3-treated cells showed exaggerated membrane damage and an enucleation process in which the perikarya separate from the main cytoplasmic cell body by self-excision. Self-excisions continued for perikarya which contained an intact nucleus surrounded by damaged organelles. After further excisions of cytoplasm, the nuclei exhibited nucleolar segregation and chromatin decondensation followed by nuclear karryorhexis and karyolysis. This process of cell death induced by oxidative stress was named autoschizis because it showed both apoptotic and necrotic morphologic characteristics."

Or in another description:

"VitC:VitK3-treated cells showed exaggerated membrane damage and an enucleation process in which the perikarya separate from the main cytoplasmic cell body by self-excision. Self-excisions continued for perikarya which contained an intact nucleus surrounded by damaged organelles. After further excisions of cytoplasm, the nuclei exhibited nucleolar segregation and chromatin decondensation followed by nuclear karryorhexis and karyolysis. This process of cell death induced by oxidative stress was named autoschizis because it showed both apoptotic and necrotic morphologic characteristics."

Let me try and translate this into simple language you can visualize. Apparently the cell membrane forms cuts or schisms which allow the cytoplasm to leak out. The cell shrinks in size until about only 1/3 its original size and only the nucleus and organelles remain surrounded by a tiny ribbon of cytoplasm. If apoptosis is a quiet cell suicide in which the cell curls up and dies, autoschizis is a bit more violent; the cell slashes itself open violently spilling out its insides.

24 November 2005

Frequency Research Foundation Workshop, Las Vegas, 17-19 Feb 2006

The next Frequency Research Foundation Workshop in Las Vegas will be held at the Atrium Suites Hotel, a Non-Gaming hotel starting Friday evening on 17 February, 9-5 Saturday, and 9-12 on Sunday.

We will be discussing the latest research using the ABPA, F-165, F-Scan, EM machine and the Aurameter and show participants how to use the devices to obtain the best possible results based on recent animal research.

Recommended Preparation
    Participants should bring a professional model Cameron Aurameter (available with a Frequency Research Foundation discount from www. dowsing.com) or equivalent device. The chrome model is best for frequency work.

    Two books are recommended reading:
    Hawkins, David. Power vs. Force. Hay House, 2002.
    Oschman, James. Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis of Energy Therapies . Churchill Livingstone, 2000.

    Workshop Agenda

    • Background - Evolutionary Biology/Pathogen Lifecycles
    • Finding Frequency Sets - hands on exercises
    • Equipement Setup - hands on exercises
    • Applying Frequencies
    • Latest Results in Animal Research
    • Case Studies - hands on exercises
    • Lastest research on Lyme disease, Avian flu, and other pathogens
    • Impact of frequencies on organ systems and cellular function
    • Other topics too numerous to mention
    On Saturday, Dr. Richard Loyd will discuss his lastest work with the FSCAN and Dr. David Kenney will review his recent animal research.using frequency devices as complementary therapy in his veterinary clinic.

    Please e-mail Jeff Sutherland or Dale Fawcett with any requests or suggestions you may have for workshop content.

    Participants are required to sign a standard waiver form indicating that these are research results and for use by others at their own risk. Certain material is proprietary and the Patent Office requires participants to sign a standard business non-disclosure to allow future patent proceedings. All information is available for use by participants personally or in a clinic or research center.

    Free Pre-Workshop Immunity Seminar
    Thursday evening at 7pm on 16 February, all are invited to a free Immunity Workshop covering the latest research on Transfer Factor and its effects on the immune system.

    Free Post-Workshop ABPA Certification
    Sunday afternoon, 19 February, Dr. Alan Back will run a post workshop ABPA Certification Workshop that will be free to participants. Dr. Back is the inventor of the ABPA and will provide insight into how if functions and using it for best results.

    Discounted Hotel Rates
    Discounted hotel rates are available by calling the Atrium Suites Hotel and asking for group reservations at 800 330-7728 (www.AtriumSuitesHotel.com) and mentioning the Frequency Research Foundation Workshop. We think you will enjoy this hotel and encourage you to register in our reserved a block of rooms as soon as possible to get reduced rates.

    Private Sessions
    A few private sessions with Dr. Sutherland are available on Friday and Sunday afternoon. If you are interested contact Dale Fawcett ASAP as these will run out quickly. You can reach Dale at 360 598-6585 or e-mail him at innerhealth@comcast.net. Dale is offering special discounts on pre-workshop Equipment/Education packages to get a head start on training using many of the methodologies that will be discussed during the Workshop.

    To register, click on the Paypal button at the upper left on this page.. If you’ve attended any of the previous Frequency Foundation Workshops you may take a $50 discount by scrolling down to the bottom left side of this page to the lower Paypal link and enter the appropriate amount.

    19 November 2005

    ChemBusting: How to do it ..

    Many individuals have contacted me recently with upper respiratory distress from chemtrails. Pets get the worst of it since they tend to be outside more. As I have mentioned previously, in addition to inducing toxic loading of barium and aluminum, independent laboratories have confirmed that they can cause running sores from staph infections and shigella. Shigella causes dysentary and the veterinarians really think it is odd to get dysentery on your skin! It is also a reportable disease so I recommend you get a lab test and complain to your local health department if you are infected.

    One of the most important things that people who are regularly exposed can do (and that means all of us) is to get a ChemBuster from www.ctbusters.com with the crystal addon. I have a couple of them and the one with crystals works better.

    Of course, everyone wants to know what a ChemBuster will do. They don't mind paying a couple of hundred bucks to a doctor regularly for being sick, but a few hundred bucks for a device to put in their back yard, well that might be an unnecessary expense!

    So lets review the history of a chemtrail. First the offending aircraft dumps its toxic load as seen in the photo above. The next photo shows the chemtrail dissipating within the hour because of a ChemBuster in the vicinity.

    However, this is just the beginning. The ChemBuster generates vortices which destroy the chemtrail. See below.

    This doesn't totally prevent infection because the toxins may reach you before they are dissipated, partically if chemtrail spraying is intense in your area.

    You will then need to apply appropriate frequencies which have been posted previously. They are the same across the U.S. and in Europe. However, a new batch came out after Hurricane Katrina and frequencies need to be adjusted slightly. If there are enough people interested in the new frequencies, I will post them for a small adminstrative fee.

    Check out the busted chemtrail on the left. These vortices can be intense and fill the sky if there are a number of Chembusters in the area.

    The poor folks south of the Chembuster have a nasty chemtrail cloud haze that does not dissipate (see last photo). All of these photos were taken in the Boston area on 2 October 2005. However, this occurs regularly and it is not an isolated event. In addition to biological toxins, aluminum, and barium, chemtrails contain ethylene dibromide which needs to be added to the frequency list. Check out a recent article in the Las Vegas Tribune.
    You should also read the EPA summary of the toxic effects of ethylene dibromide.

    Exposure to ethylene dibromide primarily occurs from its past use as an additive to leaded gasoline and as a fumigant. Ethylene dibromide is extremely toxic to humans. The chronic (long-term) effects of exposure to ethylene dibromide have not been well documented in humans. Animal studies indicate that chronic exposure to ethylene dibromide may result in toxic effects to the liver, kidney, and the testis, irrespective of the route of exposure. Limited data on men occupationally exposed to ethylene dibromide indicate that long-term exposure to ethylene dibromide can impair reproduction by damaging sperm cells in the testicles. Several animal studies indicate that long-term exposure to ethylene dibromideincreases the incidences of a variety of tumors in rats and mice in both sexes by all routes of exposure. EPA has classified ethylene dibromide as a Group B2, probable human carcinogen.

    13 November 2005

    Health Freedom Act: Your life may depend on it!


    November 10, 2005

    Free Speech and Dietary Supplements

    Mr. Speaker, I rise to introduce the Health Freedom Protection Act. This bill restores the First Amendment rights of consumers to receive truthful information regarding the benefits of foods and dietary supplements by codifying the First Amendment standards used by federal courts to strike down the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) efforts to censor truthful health claims. The Health Freedom Protection Act also stops the Federal Trade Commissions (FTC) from censoring truthful health care claims.

    The American people have made it clear they do not want the federal government to interfere with their access to dietary supplements, yet the FDA and the FTC continue to engage in heavy-handed attempts to restrict such access. The FDA continues to frustrate consumers efforts to learn how they can improve their health even after Congress, responding to a record number of constituents comments, passed the Dietary Supplement and Health and Education Act of 1994 (DSHEA). FDA bureaucrats are so determined to frustrate consumer access to truthful information that they are even evading their duty to comply with four federal court decisions vindicating consumers First Amendment rights to discover the health benefits of foods and dietary supplements.

    FDA bureaucrats have even refused to abide by the DSHEA section allowing the public to have access to scientific articles and publications regarding the role of nutrients in protecting against diseases by claiming that every article concerning this topic is evidence of intent to sell a drug.

    Because of the FDAs censorship of truthful health claims, millions of Americans may suffer with diseases and other health care problems they may have avoided by using dietary supplements. For example, the FDA prohibited consumers from learning how folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube defects for four years after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended every woman of childbearing age take folic acid supplements to reduce neural tube defects. This FDA action contributed to an estimated 10,000 cases of preventable neutral tube defects!

    The FDA also continues to prohibit consumers from learning about the scientific evidence that glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate are effective in the treatment of osteoarthritis; that omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of sudden death heart attack; and that calcium may reduce the risk of bone fractures.

    The Health Freedom Protection Act will force the FDA to at last comply with the commands of Congress, the First Amendment, and the American people by codifying the First Amendment standards adopted by the federal courts. Specifically, the Health Freedom Protection Act stops the FDA from censoring truthful claims about the curative, mitigative, or preventative effects of dietary supplements, and adopts the federal courts suggested use of disclaimers as an alternative to censorship. The Health Freedom Protection Act also stops the FDA from prohibiting the distribution of scientific articles and publications regarding the role of nutrients in protecting against disease.

    This legislation also addresses the FTCs violations of the First Amendment. Under traditional First Amendment jurisprudence, the federal government bears the burden of proving an advertising statement false before censoring that statement. However, the FTC has reversed the standard in the case of dietary supplements by requiring supplement manufactures to satisfy an unobtainable standard of proof that their statement is true. The FTCs standards are blocking innovation in the marketplace.

    The Health Freedom Protection Act requires the government bear the burden of proving that speech could be censored. This is how it should be in a free, dynamic society. The bill also requires that the FTC warn parties that their advertising is false and give them a chance to correct their mistakes.

    Mr. Speaker, if we are serious about putting people in charge of their health care, then shouldn't we stop federal bureaucrats from preventing Americans from learning about simple ways to improve their health. I therefore call on my colleagues to stand up for good health care and the First Amendment by cosponsoring the Health Freedom Protection Act.

    12 November 2005

    RestQuiet Patches: Get a Good Night's Sleep!

    LifeWave patches work with the electromagnetic energy field of the body to induce desired affects. Nothing enters the body through the skin.

    I regularly use the RestQuiet patches to sleep like a log. One patch on the right temple, or on an accupressure point just under the right collarbone works great. A single patch works for a minimum of two nights.

    You can order a test kit for $14.95. If they work for you like they work for me you won't go anywhere without them. Order LifeWave patches by calling (866) 420-6288 and giving them my distributor number 603396 or by clicking on:

    03 November 2005

    Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis

    While most people have had a cardiogram, few know that Einthoven won a Nobel prize in 1924 for discovering how to record the electromagnetic field of the heart. Even fewer know that this field is now detectable from 15 feet away from your body and that every cell has an electromagnetic field that can alter its behavior when manipulated. Thus the basic work has already been done to chart the direction for building a StarTrek Tricorder which can detect a diseased energy pattern and manipulate it towards health. Somes devices are already on the market that, while primitive compared to a Tricorder, do the job remarkably well.

    Many people attribute energy medicine effects to the placebo effect. The placebo effect is always there in any clinical encounter or clinical study. It is an important and real effect with the body often generating real chemical compounds as strong as the most powerful drug.

    Most scientists don't know that every patient at the Stanford Medical Center when I was there studying biostatistics was in a clinical trial in order to take advantage of the placebo effect on all patients, not just the ones getting a new treatment. The National Institute of Medicine, notes in a recent publication, that the brain changes induced by opiates are the same as that induced by a placebo effect. It is far safer and often more affective to induce a placebo effect, than to give a drug with negative side effects, particularly when the response is the same or better.

    Frequency medicine works on dogs and cats as well as on humans and there is little chance of a psychological induced placebo effect there, particularly when treatment is remote and they are not aware anything is being done. And there is a huge amount of scientific data on real electromagnetic effects in carefully controlled human studies enumerated by Oschman. To bad most physicians never read these papers.

    Enough said. These comments suggest that ignorance of the scientific literature in this field is widespread, even among leading scientists, and the first prescription for the brain disfunction resulting from this lack of knowledge is Oschman's book. I recommend it to all my colleagues.

    01 November 2005

    Lyme Disease: Why is it associated with cancer?

    It has been puzzling to me that every cancer patient I test for a Lyme infection turns out positive. My ongoing research on Lyme has focused in recent weeks on a mycoplasma that lies at the root of the disease. It appears to be the fundamental factor that severely depresses the immune system allowing the entire complex of pathogenic bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses to proliferate. A recent study shows that "chronic infection or colonization by mycoplasma(s) could gradually and significantly alter many biologic properties of mammalian host cells in culture, including induction of malignant transformation."

    Therefore, in those individuals with cancer, it is important to eliminate the Rife BX/BY "virus", the Gregory "cancer virus", the SV40 virus, and Lyme disease. Failing to do this sets the individual up for progression and/or recurrence of malignancy.
    Mycoplasma fermentans infection promotes immortalization of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells in culture.

    Zhang S, Tsai S, Wu TT, Li B, Shih JW, Lo SC
    Department of Infectious and Parasitic Diseases Pathology, American Registry of Pathology, Washington DC, USA.
    Blood. 2004 Dec 15;104(13):4252-9. Epub 2004 Aug 26

    Chronic infection or colonization by mycoplasma(s) could gradually and significantly alter many biologic properties of mammalian host cells in culture, including induction of malignant transformation. We examined effects of Mycoplasma fermentans infection on the continuing survival and immortality of human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) from healthy blood donors. Without specific supplemental growth factors, human PBMCs normally die rapidly, with few cells other than macrophages/monocytes surviving after 2 weeks in cultures. Only occasional Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)-positive B lymphocytes would continue to proliferate and undergo spontaneous immortalization. Our present study revealed that infection of human PBMCs in culture with the incognitus and PG18 strains of M fermentans, but surprisingly not with some other strains tested in parallel, markedly enhanced the rate of EBV-positive B lymphocytes to undergo immortalization (74% vs 17%). Compared with spontaneously immortalized PBMCs, the PBMCs immortalized in cultures infected with the mycoplasmas often had prominent karyotype changes with chromosomal loss, gain, or translocations. Furthermore, many of these immortalized B lymphocytes were found to be monoclonal in nature. The in vitro findings would be of relevance to lymphoproliferative disorders that occurred in patients with immune suppression. The mycoplasma-mediated promotional effect in cell immortalization and its potential clinical implications warrant further study.