23 February 2005

Understanding Dose-Response Curves

Challenging Dose-Response Dogma
Hormesis presents a good model for toxicological risk assessment – and it's not homeopathy
Edward J. Calabrese, The Scientist, Volume 19:3:22, Feb. 14, 2005

The central pillar upon which toxicological assessments are built is the dose-response relationship. But reliance on theoretical prediction models for dose response creates a wolf-crying atmosphere that generates fear and superfluous costs to the public. A better alternative exists, however. A rich vein of data supports hormetic dose-response modeling, which allows for the observation that some toxins, in small amounts, confer benefits rather than harm.

Having been relegated for years to the toxicological waste heap by misconception and inertia, hormesis is regaining respect, and I believe that such modeling will replace the outmoded standards in toxicology and may ultimately influence most areas of biological research.

20 February 2005

Heavy Metals and Psychic Disturbance

My research shows pathogens are directly related to mental illness and heavy metals exacerbate the effect by compromising the immune system and causing direct neurological damage. Other studies have shown giving children adequate vitamin intake in institutions reduces violence by 50%. Vitamin B deficiency can often cause paranoid and violent behavior.

Here, we note that lead contamination is associated with criminal behavior.

Lead in Environment Causing Violent Crime - Study
Feb 18, 2:09 PM (ET)

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Lead left in paint, water, soil and elsewhere may not only be affecting children's intelligence but may cause a significant proportion of violent crime, a U.S. researcher argued Friday.

He said the U.S. government needs to do more to lower lead levels in the environment and parents need to think more about where their children may be getting exposed to lead.

"When environmental lead finds its way into the developing brain, it disturbs neural mechanisms responsible for regulation of impulse. That can lead to antisocial and criminal behavior," said Dr. Herbert Needleman, a professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

Needleman's team, using a technique called X-ray fluorescence, found very low levels of lead in the bones of children.

Needleman cited several studies that associate crime with high levels of lead either in the bodies of those accused or in the environments they came from, including one that showed the average bone lead levels of 190 juvenile delinquents were higher than those of adolescents not charged with crimes.

16 February 2005

Flu Vaccine: Doesn't Work as Advertised

It is no surprise to readers of this blog that the flu vaccine is a blunt instrument at best. The flu is a complex disease delivered by one or more parasites infected with viruses, bacteria, and candida. Most deaths occur from pneumonia induced by weakening of the immune system and the onslaught of multiple pathogens. The flu vaccine only targets the WHO defined viral strains for the year. The "Florida flu" is not one of those strains. Even if the viruses are eliminated, there are many other organisms to contend with.

Flu Shots May Not Save Lives -- Study
Mon Feb 14, 2005 11:41 PM ET, Reuters

CHICAGO (Reuters) - The flu vaccinations that doctors hoped would save the lives of fragile elderly people have apparently failed to lower death rates, U.S. researchers said on Monday.

More people whose health could be put at risk by influenza have heeded the call to get vaccinated before flu season, but the death rate during the winter flu season remained the same rather than declining, they said.

Based on U.S. mortality rates from 1968 to 2001, the study by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases found no correlation between increasing vaccination rates after 1980 and declining death rates in any age group.

"We conclude, therefore, that there are not enough influenza-related deaths to support the conclusion that vaccination can reduce total winter mortality among the U.S. elderly population by as much as half," study author Lone Simonsen wrote in The Archives of Internal Medicine.

12 February 2005

LifeWave: Most Innovative Energy Medicine of 2005

The lay public and even professionals often misunderstand, ignore and even ridicule radically different technologies and new commercial products, when they appear to deviate too much from conventional established approaches. The LifeWave patches remarkable alter the body metabolism to burn fat and increase energy. This can be measured is many different ways including oxygen metabolism, muscle strength, and leaner body mass.

In order for the marketplace to accept and embrace a radically different new commercial product the public must understand a product's unique benefits and how it differs from other products on the market. A recent call involved more than 1000 people with Dr. Karl Maret and Stanford University's and Olympic Coach Richard Quick. They pointed out the and how these patches differ from other products on the market. Dial 971-221-1167 and you can listen to this call.

I have been experimenting with the new LifeWave patches and find that they work really well for increasing energy level without supplements. They are particularly useful when driving long distances. I get out of the car at the end of my journey with the same high energy level I started the drive with.

The LifeWave patches interact with the electromagnetic field of your body. No substance enters your body. In fact, I tape them on my clothes to avoid sticking them on my skin. The currently available patches send a message to your body to increase energy and burn fat.

There are only certain spots on your body that work well and the effect varies among individuals, so you will need to try it for yourself. A set of patches only costs a few dollars and I have set up a website for people to use to buy them.

Get LifeWave patches here.

My tests indicate the patches increase my energy level by 70% when they are applied to exactly the right spots. If you have a Cameron Aurameter, you can use it to check for yourself. There are other strategies such as using Takionic wrist bands that allow the patches to increase my energy level by 300% as measured by the Cameron Aurameter. Needless to say, when I do my weight workout now, it seems like I am loafing.

Several of the people I work with have tried them out. Most feel an immediate effect, some more than others. In some people, certain spots on the body work better than others. Therefore, some form of kinesthesiology or Aurameter testing is recommended to get it exactly right.

The interesting thing about the patches is that you feel no effect when you put them on. It's just when you start doing something you find that you don't get tired. By getting more oxygen to the brain, you will get improved mental function as well as enhanced physical function.

With my enhanced strategies for the patches, I find it important to wear them as recommended only 8 hours a day, and only every other day. My body is so charged by the end of a day with the patches that it carries through the next day without wearing them. If I wear them more than this, I'm not ready to go to sleep at night and tend to stay up too late. This, obviously, will overwork my system so as in all things, moderation is the best course.

I like strategies that are designed to harmlessly enhance function for athletes, i.e. improve performance rather than just treat disfunction. LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches have been tested by the USADA and the US Olympic Committee. The results consistently show that there are no banned substances and nothing enters the body.

The Stanford Olympic coach thinks the patches are as useful for little league baseball players as members of his Olympic swimming team. Nothing goes into the body. Metabolism is simply enhanced and the effect is not noticed until you begin doing something and notice more strength and stamina.

The combination of Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula to boost immune function, Rife frequencies to eliminate persistent pathogens, and LifeWave patches to provide sustainable energy is a winning combination.

09 February 2005

Nanobacteria Update: New Frequencies Supercharge Your Immune System

Photo by Domenic Spinale, Feb 2004

Nanobacteria frequencies are regularly updated and available to Frequency Foundation subscribers (see link on side of this page to sign up). The exact frequency for stimulating mercury release has been determined and added to the list because so many people are contaminated with mercury from dental filings, fish, and other environmental contaminates.

Chelation supplements (EDTA) will help flush heavy metals out of the body. However they also dissolve the nanobacteria calcium shells, releasing nanobacteria into the system and causing them to proliferate, making it essential to use nanobacteria frequencies with chelation therapy. Oral EDTA prior to using these frequencies will disperse nanobacteria so they can be killed and is recommended. Using EDTA after using these frequencies may disperse more nanobacteria and require reapplication of frequencies.

Several people have asked me if the frequencies on the Consolidated Annotated Frequency List (CAFL) will work for nanobacteria. These frequencies are 634, 317, 1268, 1902. My testing indicates that 317 and 1902 should be added to list. The other two may already be taken care of by other frequencies in the nanobacteria series or are not effective.

Frequencies sets are developed independently of any list. They are derived from orginal research, must be identical for at least half a dozen infected individuals, and must generate definitive results for those individuals before publication to subscribers. They are also regularly updated based on input from researchers around the world. New research is then tested on people who were positive for the original frequency set before adding new frequencies to the list.

Use of any of the frequencies is a research project undertaken at your own risk. The major risk is that they work! Competent clinicians have occasionally used frequencies posted (not the nanobacteria frequencies) and achieved a dramatic and immediate effect by killing targeted pathogens. This generated side effects that were not easily dealt with. Going slow and testing carefully for side effects is recommended.

Recently, while working with a blood sample of lymphocytes that were not functioning properly, I tested the leukocyte in the blood photo above to find out why it was sitting there fat, dumb, and happy, when it should have been eating pathogens. The cell appeared to be in perfect condition. The environment around the cell was fine. The culprit was the little organism in the cell wall pointed to by the arrow in the picture. This appears to be a nanobacteria and it had completely shut down the functioning of an otherwise healthy leukocyte.

Nanobacteria sanguineum is an nasty organism that severely compromises your immune system. About half the people I have tested are infected with it. Almost anyone who has been vaccinated has it because the cow serum used to make vaccines has been contaminated. It will pass through the placenta so you have it if your mother was infected. Antibiotics are useless, with the exception of tetracycline. However, because of its ability to surround itself with a calcium shell when attacked, even tetracyline can't get at most of it.

The organism is pleomorphic (has many forms) and I have identified the frequencies in the F160 program below. Even a healthy infected person can use these frequencies for 45 minutes. With a moderately suppressed immune system, several hours are required. A severly suppressed immune system may require 10 hours. Because of the length of time required, the Advanced Biophoton Analyzer is the preferred modality for dealing with this organism.

Infected people may notice a profound effect from nanobacteria frequencies. They will improve functioning of the immune system by at least a factor of four. Transfer Factor Plus improves the immune system by a factor of four and the effect is multiplicative, i.e. the combined effect improves immune function by a factor of 16. The Advanced Biophoton Analyzer can be used to improve it by another factor of three using techniques developed working with Olympic athletes. The combined effect of all three in individuals with compromised immune systems could be 48 or greater!

Some people who have emailed me think that cholesterol buildup in the arteries is the result of nanobacteria. It may be that cholesterol is a response to the inflammation of the arteries now known to create problems is caused by nanobacteria, as well as other pathogens. It would explain why chelation therapy seems to work because the EDTA clears out calcium in the arteries that may be deposits from shells formed by nanobacteria. My tests indicate it would be wise to take oral EDTA capsules when using these frequencies.

If nanobacteria is destroyed does arterial plaque buildup go away? It may help slow arterial buildup but probably will not eliminate it. Research study links recently posted on this site show that injecting oxidized LDL into mice innoculates them against atheroslerosis. My research indicates this is due to infection with a specific bacteria (not nanobacteria) that is highly prevelant in the U.S. and European population. Killing this bacteria appears to unlodge plaque and release several other organisms that must be also eliminated, including a variant of the Rife BX BY organism. There is also a group of parasite infections that can be eliminated by frequencies that  lower cholesterol levels by 100 points in a few hours in some individuals.

What has definitely been experienced by infected people using these frequencies is an enhanced immune system, an increase in energy, and decreased need for sleep. In one case they turned a teenager sleeping 18 hours a day whose long term survival was at stake into a normal energetic teenager overnight.

Animals are infected also (they've been vaccinated). My cats used to sleep peacefully until 7am. Now they are bounding out of bed before 6am and insisting everyone get up. Nanobacteria frequencies are available to Frequency Foundation subscribers. See link on side of page to sign up. Use these frequencies at your own risk, particularly when applying them to pets!

08 February 2005

Updated Flu Alert: Florida Flu

CDC Weekly Report - Influenza Summary Update

I call this the Florida Flu because I picked it up in Orlando at the end of January. Now I see people in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Michigan, California, and Washington with it. Hillary Clinton fainted during a speech from it. This is turning out to be a potent flu delivered by multiple parasites containing dozens of pathogens. It will give you a wide spectrum candida infection that suppresses your immune system. Oscillicoccinum is recommended immediately upon exposure or signs of infection.

The Dolisos Dolivaxil remedy I recommended for prevention this year contains the WHO virus strains selected for 2005. It is not protective for this flu. I doubt that the flu vaccine will protect you from it as it should contain the same virus strains as Dolivaxil.

This flu attacks the gastrointestinal tract and infects the ear canal making you dizzy and nauseous at the same time, a potent combination. It has evolved in recent weeks to a painful and debilitating flu.

The flu comes in a clever package that delivers a potent payload. Initially, it starts with parasites that tend to proliferate in the throat (the sore throat from a flu) and viruses that generate an upper respiratory infection that causes coughing and sneezing to disperse the parasites infected with the viruses. As it goes from host to host, the parasite has become infected with other parasites, viruses, mites, bacteria, candida, and other organisms. This full blown flu is comprised of dozens of different organisms or strains of organisms which deliver a wide spectrum attack on your immune system.

It is very important to protect and enhance your immune system with the best available and safest supplement, Transfer Factor Plus Advanced Formula. I just received a lengthy monograph for the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation where they provide an extensive analysis of the effects of this supplement, proof through clinical trials of the effectiveness of Transfer Factor, documentation of the lack of side effects seen in other strategies such as interferon therapy, and a comprehensive list of recommended dosages for various disease types. Some of the people I work with have criticized me for not recommending this supplement strongly. It was only with Transfer Factor that their frequency applications were consistently successful.

The second most important strategy is to obtain Oscillicoccinum from your local healthfood store and take it at first signs of the flu. It stops the proliferation of the viruses in the flu and will often eliminate a flu infection before it can take hold. It is definitely effective with this flu. Midway through this flu, Sepia 30C is effective.

I'm running an F160 driving an ABPA with the program below. Try the frequencies for few minutes each for direct application with an EMEM or FSCAN. Repeat if you are getting relief until symptom free. You may have to do this daily for several days in a row to remain symptom free.

repeat 10
dwell 60
duty 10
pulse 64 75
converge 150 1
converge 50 1
2710300 2710400 2710500 2710600 2710700 2710800 2710900 2711800
2711900 2713200 2716664 2719600 2719700 2719800 2667737
2660700 2661700 2661900 2662200 2662300 2663600
converge 1 .1
converge 500 1
converge 20 1
converge 100 1
converge 27 1
#mites, mycoplasma
676786 667646 666637 656675 656347 653425 646654 577665 576373 575737 566774
367534 12666
264573 10776
222365 10644
255644 10544
166645 166626
337576 274667 156475 67537
364434 244426 164614 66445
365546 255455 133465 66464
374667 266677 157464 66677 25636
354444 265776 166565 66446
464664 344754 234446 156467
467666 356644 256656 176557
466457 366666 266556 156567
474656 356466 272667 156663
#those with EMEM devices can run these frequencies
converge 4 .1
14654 14446 9764 9376 8666 8655 7556 7446 7277 6877 6756 6646 6245 5667 4063 3667 2444 2265
2247 1974 1755 1476 1144 1027 663 654 556 537 517 496 476 447 367 254
226 175 46 16 8
end repeat

'91 Memo Warned of Mercury in Shots


Mercury memo
Mercury memo
February 8, 2005

Thimerosal - Vaccine Task Force Assignment

Los Angeles Times, Myron Levin, Times Staff Writer

A memo from Merck & Co. shows that, nearly a decade before the first public disclosure, senior executives were concerned that infants were getting an elevated dose of mercury in vaccinations containing a widely used sterilizing agent.

The March 1991 memo, obtained by The Times, said that 6-month-old children who received their shots on schedule would get a mercury dose up to 87 times higher than guidelines for the maximum daily consumption of mercury from fish.

"When viewed in this way, the mercury load appears rather large," said the memo from Dr. Maurice R. Hilleman, an internationally renowned vaccinologist. It was written to the president of Merck's vaccine division.

The memo was prepared at a time when U.S. health authorities were aggressively expanding their immunization schedule by adding five new shots for children in their first six months. Many of these shots, as well as some previously included on the vaccine schedule, contained thimerosal, an antibacterial compound that is nearly 50% ethyl mercury, a neurotoxin.