30 January 2003

Electronic Medicine: 30% of tumors "melt" when direct current applied

Date: Thu, 30 Jan 2003 00:21:32 +0100
From: "Peter Walker"
Subject: Electro carcinoma therapy

the following article was originally published in Germany (in German) and has been translated into English for release here. The use of electrodes to treat tumours is something the Rife community knows well. This article describes some German/Chinese research into using direct current for treating cancer.
Original article: http://www.naturmednet.de/krebs/tumor.ect.html

Alternative cancer treatment with few side effects: The Electro carcinoma therapy

The Electro-Carcinoma Therapy is a form of tumour treatment that is hardly known. So far, some empirical values and a first study are present. In the Marburg Institute for Natural Health Method uses the ECT and informs.

Diagnosis cancer: A shock for those affected. Even if medicine, in cancer research and therapy, has made unquestionable progress: we do not have this illness under control. Many of those afflicted are interested, additionally to conventional medical treatment, in alternative therapy forms.

Here there are many other possibilities that go beyond the more well-known mistletoe treatment. One is the percutaneous Electro-Carcinoma Therapy (ECT), also known as bio-electrical therapy (PRAY) or electro-chemical tumour therapy. It is used, among other methods, at the Institute for natural health methods (Institut für Naturheilverfahren) in Marburg, Germany.

The principle: weak direct current is applied to the tumours, which can shrink, as a direct consequence and even disappear completely.

From China, first results of a larger case study, which uses the ECT treatment with over 10000 patients in the period of 1987 to 2000. One of the central results: in just over 30% of the cases, it comes to the dissolution, and in somewhat more than 40%, to the reduction of the tumour. The individual success values hang thereby, among other things on the kind of tumour and size as well as the stage of the illness.

The Chinese medical profession apply the energy in particular by means of platinum wire electrodes, thus quasi with needles, directly into the tumours. In contrast; the Marburger Institute works almost exclusively with plate formed metal-Electrodes applied to the skin. "the use of plates is gentler, possesses a higher acceptance with the patients and is just as effective as the therapy with needles", explains Dr. Bernhard Weber, head of the institute. First intermediate results of the local treatments seem to
confirm the results of the Chinese study.

The Electro-Carcinoma therapy is a local, low side-effect procedure that can be treated on an outpatient basis. In the two to three hour treatment, energy flows through the tumour. Some patients need only two or three sessions before the tumour will "melt", others need more. With the help of a special computer monitor program and controls, the physician controls the treatment and observes the procedures in the body and the growth. The medical skill lies in being able to place the electrodes in the correct
location and setting of the optimal amperage - this must be different depending upon tumour size, density and type.

ECT can and should be used, depending upon illness, together with other forms of treatment. In order to control the formation of secondary growths (metastases) with malicious tumours, Dr. Weber advises to combine the use of ECT with radio and/or chemotherapy. ECT does not replace good conventional therapy possibilities; on the other side ECT can be a new therapeutic chance where conventionally difficult or hardly treatable tumours and secondary growths are present.

ECT is suitable for both surface as well as more deeply located tumours, explains the institute für Naturheilverfahren. Secondary growths in bones cannot be treated as effectively with this method. Even if the tumour has already been pre-treated with irradiation or chemotherapy, the Electro carcinoma therapy can still be used.

Further information:
Institut für Naturheilverfahren & Naturheilkunde-Tagesklinik mit Schmerzambulanz
(Institut for natural health method & naturopathy outpatient hospital with pain clinic)
Contact: Dr. Bernhard Weber, email: b.weber@firemail.de
Uferstr. 1, 35037 Marburg, Germany
Tel: +49 6421 68430; FAX: +49 6421 684350

Literature on ECT:
Dr. med. Rudolf Pekar: Die perkutane Bio-Elektrotherapie bei Tumoren (The percutaneous bio electrical therapy with tumours). Vienna, Munich, Berlin 1996.
Dr. med. Rudolf Pekar/Dr. med. Nikolai N. Korpan: Cancer. Vienna, Munich, Berne 2002.

29 January 2003

FSCAN FAQ: Treating the January 2003 Flu

The January flu is a bad one and taking out just about everyone for a few days in my office. Immediate treatment at first signs of flu with Boiron Oscillicocinum is highly recommended. I'm convinced this could virtually eliminate flu deaths which have radically increased in the last decade. One full dose tube every six hours for three doses. If everyone does this an epidemic in an office can be terminated in one afternoon. Alas, people insist on getting the flu!

Everyone should be taking Transfer Factor Plus. This will radically reduce your propensity to get the flu and you would not even need this program. See:
Click on "Contact us" for ordering.

Flu is difficult to treat with frequency devices because it appears at many different frequencies. Also the virus flushes out latent infections, particularly parasites who don't seem to like the flu any better than humans. Parasites cause sore throats and sinus congestion that cannot be eliminated without eliminating the parasites.

My goal is to eliminate all symptoms within minutes with the right frequency set. It often takes a couple of days of agony to find the right frequencies. Once they are found, the flu is history, except for reinfection from friends and coworkers. Then a short run of the frequencies will eliminate reinfections.

The virus frequencies appear to be constant across individuals. The latent infections that are flushed out are peculiar to individuals, so you will not be able to eliminate all symptoms without dealing some individual frequencies.

Here is an F100 program that is essentially a death ray for this flu, at least for the few volunteers I have treated. I'm interested if others get similar results. The ability to control gating and dwell time radically alters treatment time. If you can only treat under 10000HZ, then divide by a factor of 2 to get a frequency in your equipment range. I have an F155 which can be used alone as a pad device, or to drive my EM5C+ tube device. I also have an FSCAN which is often useful and can drive the EM5C+ as well.

The program is a loop, so I let it run until "cooked well done." This means all symptoms gone, particularly any nasal stuffiness. It may not be possible in a specific case if some frequencies are missing that are needed by an individual.

#Jan 2003 flu - bad stuff!
#Have you been taking Transfer Factor?
#Take three dose tubes of Boiron Oscillicoccinum 6 hours apart
#at first sign of flu

#F100 program below has removed all symptoms in several people
#Flu flushes out latent parasite infections
#Must kill parasites to clear some sore throat and sinus symptoms

label loop
# Initial Parameters. All frequencies
# for 3 minutes at 50% frequency duty cycle.
# This is Turf template with adjusted dwell time and duty cycle

dwell 5 #short dwell in loop generates cycling around the frequency
duty 10 #short duty cycle generates even and odd harmonics

# Frequencies above 20 run with a sweep
# of +/-4Hz of the target frequency
# Frequencies above 1250 pulse
# at 64Hz, 75% pulse duty cycle (gives much better results)

fuzz 4 1
pulse 64 75
#put frequencies above 1250 here>

#virus strains and associated pathogens for Jan 2003 flu
355533 386115 386251 386231 386110 386614 386555 268134 142675
34256 134315 353416 244222 252521 256324
243531 364443 164544 322663 242366 77442 353433 255174 363455
21750 253562 143355 245336 243115 311643 345662

#virus flushes out latent parasite infections
#parasites don't like the flu either
#parasite frequency sets vary among individuals
#they have four life stages with four frequencies
#cause sore throats or stuffy nose
#here are a few I've used for specific individuals
#445536 335535 258755 164868
#435422 354213 264134 165365
#443150 304450 245242 142542
#475552 325432 264132 123345
#467674 366244 269765 156645
#462178 337675 279367 137938

# Frequencies 1250 and below pulse
# at 5% of target frequency at 75% pulse
# duty cycle (i.e. 1000Hz produces 50Hz
# pulse rate)

vpulse 0.05 0 75

#put frequencies between 1250 and 20 here>

450 477 530

# Frequencies of 20 and below have no
# fuzz or pulse

pulse 0 0
fuzz 0 0

#put frequencies 20 or below here>

goto loop

24 January 2003

Fundamental Health Improvement Assumptions: Dialogue at EnergeticMedicine@yahoogroups.com

Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2003 18:47:29 -0500
From: "Jeff Sutherland"
Subject: RE: Fish Oil

With regards to Jerry Tennant's comment on fish oil, I put it to the test after reading Dr. Sears book. There is a lot of medical research available to back up Sears statements.

In any event, I run regularly with a heart monitor. The first day after taking Dr. Sears pharmaceutical grade fish oil (OmegaRx), my resting heart rate dropped 10 beats a minute. Instead of my heart rate peaking on the monitor at which point I slow down, I find my legs get tired sooner that my heart now.

(I started with 2 teaspoons in the morning and now do one teaspoon morning and night for maintenance)

I'm 61 years old with a peak heart rate of 193 beats/min, about average for a 35 year old, so if it helps me it is going to help anyone. In addition, I noticed a significant increase in long term memory the first day of use. (Improvement remains with continued use, although not as dramatic at first few days.)

As a result, I now recommend to people:

1. A good exercise program
2. A high quality high potency multivitamin supplement

If they want to go the next step:

3. Pharmaceutical grade fish oil ( for capsules I use the new Canadian product (RxOmega3 Factors) purchased at www.iherb.com which is a lot cheaper than Dr. Sears stuff (but maybe not as good).
4. Transfer factor Plus (www.livingnow.net/drsutherland) Check out data showing this supplement increases immune function about 5 times better than any previously tested.

If they still have anything wrong with them, we then go to work with energy devices and homeopathy.

My basic assumptions now are:

1. At least 50% of disease can be prevented or cured by the above. An interested side effect of this is, since the third leading cause of death is medical error, you eliminate 50% of the third leading cause of death, 50% of clinic visits, and 50% of hospitalizations).
2. Another 35% can be cured by alternative medicine approaches without resort to clinical procedures with energy devices.
3. At least 10% of the remainder can be eliminated with frequency machines of various types. I use the F100, FSCAN, EM5C+ rife machine. Have experimented a little with the Scenar and would like to get deep into when I have time to get to one of Jerry's seminars.
5. The last 5% need conventional medicine, particularly surgery for obvious conditions.

I have promoted these ideas at some major heathcare conferences and dealt effectively with the flak that comes back from major granting agencies and scientific experts. There is enough data in the leading medical journals to make a good case for the above even in front of a critical audience.

At a couple of conferences this year, the CTO of Kaiser Permanente showed graphs indicating that there will be five times at many people over 65 within 10 years because of the baby boomers aging. Since people over 65 have 5 times as many clinic visits as those under 65, the number of clinic visits with go up by a factor of 15. There is no way that Kaiser can deal with this, so they are planning on radical changes in healthcare.

This is going to provide lots of opportunity for people on this (EnergyMedicine@yahoogroups.com) list.

Jeff Sutherland

20 January 2003

GAO Reports Pilots Avoiding Duty and Leaving Service to Avoid Anthrax Shots

As a former Air Force Fighter Pilot (1964-1975, F4s and F101s) we used to joke about how many pilots would have to die in an unnecessary accident before the Air Force fixed a minor switch in the cockpit that was causing the problem. Well, how many pilots have to be seriously affected by Anthrax shots before they bail out of the service?

Well, they are already bailing out. Pilots aren't stupid and they know when to pull the handles on the ejection seat. See:

Report to Congressional Requesters: ANTHRAX VACCINE GAO’s Survey of Guard and Reserve Pilots and Aircrew. GAO-02-445, September 2002.

For a news report on the problem, see:
GAO: Shots Led to Military Attrition, Nov. 14, 2002, By Timothy W. Maier

Page 4 GAO-02-445 Anthrax Vaccine
On the basis of our survey, we estimated that 37 percent of the guard and reserve pilots and aircrew members had received one or more anthrax shots as of September 2000. Of these recipients, 85 percent reported experiencing some type of reaction (local or systemic or both). This overall rate reported for adverse reactions following anthrax immunization was more than double the rate published in the vaccine manufacturer’s product insert that was in use at the time of our survey (84 percent versus approximately 30 percent). Each shot generated an average of four or more reported reactions. More importantly, almost onefifth of the reported events were categorized as systemic and about onefifth of these systemic reactions lasted for more than 7 days. Some of these reactions could have negative implications for an individual’s work performance and job safety.

The systemic reaction rate reported through the survey represents a level more than a hundred times higher than the 0.2 percent published in the product insert.

18 January 2003

Electronic Medicine: Could Rife Technology Be Used to Treat Schizophrenia?

If schizophrenia is caused by a virus or other micro-organism, it should be easy to knock out with a Rife machine or an FSCAN.

Brain Storm by Tom Nugent
Standford Magazine, Jan/Feb 2003

"At Torrey’s Maryland research laboratory, some 490 human brains have been bisected, cataloged and stored in freezers and formalin-filled plastic buckets for use as tissue specimens. Harvested within 48 hours of the donors’ deaths, the brains come from victims of car crashes, heart attacks and suicides, most of whom had one thing in common: they suffered from mental illness.

"The brain bank is an important part of one of the most controversial investigations in modern psychiatric research, and a pet project of a man described by the Washington Post in 2001 as “perhaps the most famous psychiatrist in America.” Torrey, MA ’69, has spent two decades and tens of millions of dollars trying to prove that viruses cause schizophrenia.

"If a living psychiatrist can truly be called famous, Torrey probably qualifies. Many people in and out of medicine—hundreds of thousands have bought his book Surviving Schizophrenia—credit him for changing the establishment’s view of mental illness, advancing treatment and saving patients’ lives. He has also made a career of putting noses in the psychiatric community decidedly out of joint. For every scientist who lauds him as a courageous visionary, you may find one who thinks his ideas are, as one researcher put it, “bullshit.”

"Torrey’s contention that the delusions, hallucinations and scattered thinking symptomatic of schizophrenia are at least partially caused by “infectious agents attacking the brain” was once almost universally dismissed as unlikely, if not ridiculous. However, his research and advocacy have finally won considerable mainstream acceptance. Even the National Institute for Mental Health (NIMH), a favorite target of Torrey’s over the years, now allows that viral infections “may play a role” in schizophrenia..."

“There’s no doubt that germs play a much larger role than we previously thought in diseases such as cancer and heart disease, and Fuller Torrey makes good sense with his theories about how infectious agents can trigger some forms of mental illness,” says Paul Ewald, author of Plague Time: The New Germ Theory of Disease (Anchor Books, 2002). “People scoffed at him for a while, but his ideas are becoming more accepted every day.”